Why Don’t Kids Have a Mute Button?

Have you ever been somewhere in public when your child says something embarrassing rather loudly?  Yeah, me too.

Gotta love their honesty!

Have your children ever said something embarrassing in public?

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8 Responses to Why Don’t Kids Have a Mute Button?

  1. singlemamalife says:

    My son recently found out that women/girls do not have a penis. We were at a store and he would point at someone and ask, “do they have a penis?” “does that person” I wanted to hide.

  2. My son had to be physically dragged out of the chapel during my sister’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid, and relatives were watching him and his newborn sister because his dad had to work that night. For some reason, he kept yelling “I need HELP!” (I know there was a reason but I can’t remember it now) all through the ceremony.

    He also made my coworkers at the daycare where I worked at the time think my husband was an alcoholic. When they took a field trip, he was obsessed with the beer at the store. “Yay, Miller Light!” “Yay, beer! Daddy likes beer!” He was only two. They came back from the trip and teased me about it incessantly.

    There are so many other moments, I could probably write a book.

  3. Hahaha, I can’t wait to have kids! I’m totally going to start a quote book for each of them!

  4. Funny. I am sharing on my FB page tomorrow morning. Love it.

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