Finding “The Time”

My husband and I sometimes struggle with finding “the time”.  I think you know what I’m talking about, right?  By the time our kids are in bed sleeping, we are so tired!  And to be honest, after a day of being a human napkin and butt wiper, I’m not feeling all that sexy!  Sometimes during the day we resort to stealing away to unoccupied places in the house which will remain nameless in case any of my children ever read this.


Do you struggle to find “the time”?

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12 Responses to Finding “The Time”

  1. bequoted says:

    Lmbo! You had me at the cartoon captain! So sad, so true! Let me go, my daughter’s television show is almost over. Lol!!!

  2. My husband leaves for work at 5:30 am and doesn’t usually return until 5 or 5:30 pm. This is with a two hour drive. Therefore on top of the fact that we have two children, we have very little time together when he is, um, conscious. There is no time. We try to have fun on the weekends, but even then that’s hard! :-/

  3. The only time we have is when they kids are passed out and that is when I want to pass out. I am sure my husband would like to meet me in the closet a little more often but I am too scared we will get caught, lol!!!

  4. I never, ever do this, but I had a recent post on this topic that I think you’d like! It’s all bout maximizing the frequency of those five minutes!

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