When Mom’s away…

Have you ever noticed that Dad’s watch the kids a little bit differently than Moms do?  I know it’s that way in my house.  Here is what typically happens at my house:

Can anyone else relate to this???

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7 Responses to When Mom’s away…

  1. oh yes. I can relate. Only mine is usually doing quality time with his computer while watching the kids 😉

  2. Yes I can. My husband would also be on his computer. Or upstairs playing his Xbox. At least when he does that they go up and roll all over him. And jump on the bed. And stuff.

    I can’t say anything because I’m on here a lot writing when I’m home with my daughter since I’m still unemployed. I spend a lot of time trying to get her to understand that I’m not playing like Daddy does. 🙂

  3. hahaha. look at the tiniest one when dad’s (not) watching!

  4. sure! and it must be so difficult to spot too lol

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