Crib? What’s a crib?

Why oh why did I ever buy a crib?  It was listed in all the “must-have” lists in the baby books.  I planned to have my babies sleep in their crib from the moment they came home from the hospital.  Did you know babies cry when you actually put them in the crib?  Did you also know that I don’t like the sound of crying babies?  This is a recipe for years of sleeping disasters.  I think I have had a baby in my bed non-stop for the past 8 years.  Now before you give me advice, I did try the cry-it-out method (CIO for those “up” on baby books).  My kids usually cried, threw up, and then pooped their diaper when I tried that.  Eventually they grow out of it.  Right??

Do any of you have babies in your bed?

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4 Responses to Crib? What’s a crib?

  1. All the time! Nothing but laundry was ever in the crib we had. I could never do the CIO, so we tended to be more attachment style. Pure laziness but I loved it. Now I’m over it, they are 5 & 3 years, and I want a night of sleep where I’m not halfway falling off the bed haha!

  2. I just found your blog tonight, like 5 minutes ago, and we have had the same ideas for our little sketches now twice. I need to get to sleep before they wake so I can’t keep clicking through but here’s mine. 🙂

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