I have A Lot of free time!

You were supposed to read the title in a sarcastic tone of voice.  Since I am a Stay at Home Mom, people sometimes think my days are filled with cappuccino, truffles, and manicures.  It’s more like Folgers, Pringles, and laundry.  My kids even seem to think I am available at the drop of a hat for things.  Take this example from yesterday:

Have you every been volunteered for things by your kids?

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4 Responses to I have A Lot of free time!

  1. oh yes, I have been volunteered a million times by my kids. I think us, stay at home moms, ‘spoil’ our kids by always seeming to be available, right?

  2. No. But in reference to that, one day I believe I said now that I wasn’t working any more that I should have some more time to do things, and that little stinker said, “Yes, like napping and sitting on the couch.” Even if my son were to volunteer me for stuff it wouldn’t matter, I’m on the school’s blacklist because I am evil. Or something like that.

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