Working out isn’t quite working out….

My intentions to work out are always there.  I know that if I want to get in shape I’m actually going to need to work up a sweat at some point.  Or restrict my calories.  That’s the formula, right?  It’s been so long, that the rules are getting fuzzy.  Anyway, have you ever tried to work out with a crazy 16 month old child around?  I tried to do this just yesterday.  I put on a high-intensity workout DVD and set out my mat.  I was good to go.   Suddenly, I became a “mom-jungle gym” of sorts.  My kid kept climbing on me, laughing at my efforts.  I suppose it’s workout enough watching him and keeping him out of trouble.

Have you ever tried to workout with a baby around?  How did you do it?

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9 Responses to Working out isn’t quite working out….

  1. singlemamalife says:

    ha! My son does the same thing! I end up doing about 10 minutes of trying to work out while he jumps on top of me and then turn the video off. I can blame him for my extra pounds this way.

  2. Oh boy, I can relate! I too have tried the workout with kids and a dog and a cat…

    I bet I could train the video camera on myself and hop on the treadmill with these guys attempting to thwart me. It could so go viral on YouTube. 😀

  3. Try using your kiddo as your weights. Let him ride on your back for push-ups, do jumping jacks and lunges with him on your shoulders or do stroller lunges, use him for lifts, find a level change (stairs or step) and do step-ups holding him however is comfortable for you. You just have to get creative. Or you could just work out while they nap. 🙂 Good luck!

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