Getting Cozy

Do any of you have a leather couch?  Aren’t they the greatest?  They’re soft, comfortable, and smell great!  Oh wait – one problem.  They are FREEZING COLD when you first sit on them on a cold morning.  We have a long, beautiful, brown leather couch.  I must also mention this is the only piece of furniture in our entire house that we bought new.  In the morning, I usually snuggle down on the end of the couch with a blanket.  When the kids get up, they make their way to the couch.  Even though there is plenty of room for us all to stretch out, all 4 of them seem to land on top of me, under the blanket.  I just consider this as my “child blanket”.  You moms know what I’m talking about!  That extra layer of child on top of you that is so warm and comforting.  Here is a picture of us this morning:

crazy mom9

Do you like to snuggle on the couch?  Do your kids pile on top of you?

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5 Responses to Getting Cozy

  1. “Child blanket” I love it! So true. That is what our couch looks like too. My kiddos can be all the way up stairs but some how, as soon as I sit down they are on top of me. Do they have some sort of radar or something?!

  2. Valerie says:

    I’m checking out my friends’ old posts today! 😀 I love this – so true! Especially when my kids were little, they’d pile on me whenever I sat on the couch (and ours isn’t even leather!)

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