A Typical Sunday

Today was much like any other Sunday in my household.  We really had no plans at all today.  Aren’t those days sometimes the best?  Nowhere to rush off to.  No practices to scramble to and from.  And most exciting – none of my kids had homework!!  I just knew this Sunday would be special.  Maybe the kids and I could bake Pumpkin muffins together.  My husband and the kids could take a hike in the park behind our house.  We could cuddle and watch a “family movie”.  Ahhhh…  The potential of an unscheduled Sunday is so intoxicating.

SMACK!!  Did you hear that?  That’s the sound of reality hitting my big behind.  Here is a picture of what today was really like:

crazy mom7

Please remind me why we love the weekend.

What did you do this weekend?  Maybe I can live vicariously through you!

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2 Responses to A Typical Sunday

  1. Hi Momtimes4,
    I enjoyed your post because it reminded me of what I used to do with my teens. I enjoyed every moment with them from homeschooling, cooking, game night, movie night and trips to the White House, etc. Due to Sandy storm that hit the east coast, we relaxed this weekend by playing games, shopping and teaching my teen girl how to bake muffins, fish, mac & cheese and candi yams. So, I say to you enjoy every moment. Take lots of pictures and turn them into videos. I love your pictures. Very creative.

    Feel free to visit my blog at: http://drsherylreaves.wordpress.com/ as I just got started. Enjoy! Dr. Sheryl Reaves

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