Why Do I Shower?

crazy  momThis is an actually picture of me today.  Why do I shower? Seriously, haven’t any of you parents out there wondered this same question?  Today, I showered and even applied makeup.  It’s Saturday, and it felt like a good day to dress cute and feel like a real person.  I put on my cutest jeans and a nice sweater.  Within 10 minutes, I found myself covered in baby boogers, cheeto crumbs, and Halloween candy slime.  Basically, we moms are walking napkins.  I learned early on as a mother to never wear white.  If you looked in my closet today you would see mostly black, brown, and dark purple clothes.   It hides hand-prints really well.   Also, don’t try to clean up dirty spots on your clothes with a wet wipe.  You will end up with a dirty spot covered in fuzz.  Trust me on this one.

Anyone else wonder why they showered today?  Tell me I’m not alone! 

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